Svitlana Shabaltina + Marek Toporowski. 


Soon in Lidzbark Warmiński, Olsztyn and Braniewo!


Tomorrow (11.08) in the Lviv Philharmonic. Together with Svitlana Shabaltina, the founder of Kiev harpsichord school. I hope that the Muses won't be silent this time again singing beautiful tunes and plucking harpsichord strings. 


Wonderful opening of the festival. Ukraine. Muses are not silent. Indeed, they are not silent. Respect for my Ukrainian friends, who in the most horrible times manage to follow the path of beauty. Great festival. 


by Krzysztof Baculewski, Grażyna Pstrokońska- Nawratil, Mateusz Ryczek, Ignacy Zalewski in Świętochłowice on next Sunday (Centrum Kultury Śląskiej, 2.10, 18:00). The Summer is over but our musical Summer is still there! 


10 years of Fortepianarium. We have been active since October 2021. Nearly 100 concerts took place in our premises. On the October 9th, 2022 an unusual concert with two Beethoven's sinfonies (No. 5 and 6) with 4 pianists on 6 different instruments! 


Many interesting concerts await you in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship ...


Thanks to this grant we will be able to record a unique version of the famous Sonata from "Musikalisches Opfer" (J.S.Bach) as well as excerpts from Telemann's "Pyrmonter Kurwoche" with alto flute taking over the viola part. With Łukasz Długosz and Agata Kielar-Długosz ... 

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