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Saturday / 18.00
Świdnica, XXI Festiwal Bachowski, Koncerty brandenburskie 4, 5, 6

Concerto Polacco, Marek Toporowski

Świdnica, Kościół Pokoju


  • 17-01-2021 / Lublin, Trybunał Koronny Schubert – Piękna młynarka

    z Piotrem Olechem  

  • 29-11-2020 / Kraków, Koncert Towarzystwa Bachowskiego - Sonaty fletowe Bacha

    z Wiolettą Wysopal

  • 06-09-2020 / Kielce, Pierwszy Świętokrzyski Festiwal Muz. Dawnej

    Schola Clamaverunt iusti pod dyr. Michała SławeckiegoMarek Toporowski – organy

  • 03-09-2020 / Kraków, Biber – Requiem

    Marek Toporowski

  • 28-08-2020 / Strzegom, Katedra, Caldara – Stabat Mater, Biber – Requiem

    Marek Toporowski

  • 25-08-2020 / Kraków, Muzyka w Starym Krakowie

    Łukasz Długosz, Agata Kielar-Długosz, Marek Toporowski (pianoforte)   

  • 16-08-2020 / Kraków, Kościół Karmelitów Bosych - Karmelitańskie spotkania z muzyką organową

    Marek Skrukwa - viola da gamba, Marek Toporowski - organy, wirginał

  • 16-08-2020 / Świdnica, Nabożeństwo kantatowe, J.S.Bach – Kantata 106

    Concerto Polacco, Marek Toporowski

  • 15-08-2020 / Świdnica, XXI Festiwal Bachowski, Koncerty brandenburskie 4, 5, 6

    Concerto Polacco, Marek Toporowski

  • 05-08-2020 / Przemyśl, Bach – Partity IV, V, muzyka z tabulatury przemyskiej

    Marek Toporowski

  • 31-07-2020 / Świdnica, XXI Festiwal Bachowski, J.S.Bach – 6 sonat na skrzypce i klawesyn

    Robert Bachara (skrzypce), Marek Toporowski

  • 29-07-2020 / Gródek, Czar małych instrumentów klawiszowych (klawikordy, wirginał)

    Marek Toporowski  

  • 29-07-2020 / Czarnolas, Czar dawnych instrumentów (wirginał, klawikord)

    Kurs mistrzowski dla pianistów - Marek Toporowski

  • 11-07-2020 / Muzyka baroku z Agatą Kielar-Długosz i Łukaszem Długoszem

  • 07-06-2020 / FORTEPIANARIUM, Spotkanie z muzyka Prokofiewa

    Aleksandra Dąbek



He performs as a harpsichordist, organist, fortepianist and conductor.

Marek Toporowski was born in Warsaw in 1964. He teaches harpsichord at the Academies of Music in Cracow and Katowice, as well as harpsichord and organ at the Warsaw Chopin Conservatory of Music. He studied with Leszek Kędracki, Aline Zylberajch and Bob van Asperen (harpsichord), Martin Gester (basso continuo and chamber music) and Józef Serafin and Daniel Roth (organ).

He won first prize in the 1st Wanda Landowska National Harpsichord Competition, and was also a finalist of the 1st Wanda Landowska International Competition in 1994.

In 1991, he formed his own chamber ensemble Concerto Polacco—one of the pioneering ensembles of baroque music in Poland. The group very soon became the leading orchestra which was joined by the chamber choir Sine Nomine specializing in performing baroque cantatas and oratorios. With those two ensembles, Marek Toporowski made numerous recordings of early Polish music, including such works as the opera Agatka by Johann David Holland, the oratorio Christiani poenitentes ad sepulchrum Domini by Jan Tomasz Żebrowski, and sacred music by Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki, Amando Ivančič Józef Zeidler, and Marcin Józef Żebrowski.

As harpsichordist, he made the first-ever recording of Charles Noblet’s Livre de clavecin. As an organist, he records extensively on historical organs. His participation in the documentary project Orgeln in der Niederlausitz, or the first recording on the Silbermann organ in Oederan are well worth mentioning.


His latest recording—Bach’s organ trio sonatas BWV 525-530 on the historical Joachim Wagner Organ in Siedlce (a version with added continuo instruments) received the prestigious prize of the Polish recording industry—Fryderyk (the fifth time in his career).

Marek Toporowski is the chamber partner of many renowned soloists. He’s also very active in the field of preservation of national heritage. In 2012, he founded Fortepianarium—a unique collection where his own instruments are exhibited and used for concert and teaching purposes.

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Welcome to my YouTube channel
Welcome to my YouTube channel

Not easy to survive for any performing musician as performing musician during the lockdown. In order to stay sane I started to record short films. You’ll find several playlists exploring different aspects of early keyboard music and historical keyboards like: „Exploring Scheidemann with Marek Toporowski”, „Music Lesson with Marek Toporowski” or „Klein aber fein” („Those charming small keyboards”). Don’t hesitate to pop in!

Music Lesson with Marek Toporowski
Music Lesson with Marek Toporowski

Difficult to teach during the lockdown. However, I started to prepare some lessons for my students about the pieces they are working on or more general aspects of keyboard playing. I hope that we will be able to teach face-to-face during the next term. Still, I’m planning to keep on with the recording of video lessons!

Organ CD „Um den Senftenberger See” released!
Organ CD „Um den Senftenberger See” released!

Recorded already in 2014 but released this year. Vol. 15 of the organ survey of the Lower Lausatia (Niederlausitz) region is available now. For me – the most original and most unusual among my organ Cds. Mostly because of the cooperation with jazz flute player – Ryszard Borowski – improvising and connecting different stations of this organ adventure trip. You’ll find the music in all the musical genres – from renaissance Passamezzo to my own and Ryszard’s compositions and EGATOP by Zsolt Gardonyi. Nice (and most of the time – easy) listening!

Master classes in Summer
Master classes in Summer

On the 29th of July there will be a short demonstration of clavichord and virginal for the students of the piano master classes in Czarnolas (Central Poland). From 18th till 22nd of August I’ll be teaching in Zabrze – you’ll find the useful information below (or on fortepianarium.wordpress.com). And during the last week of August you can take part in the Summer Academy of the Cracow Academy of Music.


Due to the COVID pandemy we have to postpone the Summer Keyboard Academy to 2021.

The idea of the Keyboard Academy results from combining several of my passions: the passion of a pedagogue, the passion of a collector of early instruments and the passion of a concertizing musician. The idea is to utilize the abundant collection of different, often unconventional keyboard instruments that I own, and make it available to a broader group of interested parties.

The first realization of the Keyboard Academy idea was Marek Toporowski’s Warsaw Keyboard Workshop, organized twice in Warsaw (Music School Complex on ulica Bednarska) in 2018 and 2019. It is being continued by educational activities taking place under the auspices of the Silesian Center for the Protection of Keyboard Instruments – Fortepianarium.

So I invite you to take part in the educational endeavors that I organize.

 Find out more about the Academy

Concerto Polacco

"Concerto Polacco"is a pioneering early music ensemble in Poland. Many works of the world oratorio literature have Concerto Polacco and Marek Toporowski to thank for their first Polish performances on period instruments.

The ensemble has been active since 1991, originally as a chamber ensemble. Over time, the ensemble has often been expanded to the size of a chamber orchestra. Concerto Polacco’s members are musicians specializing in period-instrument performance, gathered around harpsichordist, organist and conductor Marek Toporowski.




A magical place in the post-industrial landscape of Silesia. A unique collection of harpsichords, ancient pianos, harmoniums and analog electronic keyboards. A meeting place with good music.

Concerts on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of the month at 17.00
Donation tickets cost PLN 10.

 ul. Hagera 41, 41-800 Zabrze



Marek Toporowski

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